Alize Hofmeester

Oct 23, 2020

Author of the book: Purpose Driven People, creating business agility & sustainable growth. (Launch November 2020)

With over 20 years of experience within recruitment, management consulting, healthcare, and banking, Alize found her purpose during a massive global digital transformation towards a full business agile organization.… Read more about “Alize Hofmeester”

Andrea Provaglio

Oct 23, 2020

Andrea Provaglio is anĀ independent professional in the field of Information Technology, with over twenty years of working experience in three different continents.… Read more about “Andrea Provaglio”

Laura Powers

Oct 22, 2020

Laura Powers is an acknowledged international leader for business transformation through Lean Agile ways of working, with extensive experience in agile training, coaching and consulting.… Read more about “Laura Powers”

Olaf Lewitz

Oct 21, 2020

Olaf is a veteran and leader in the international Agile community, agility being at the core of his practices and way of thinking.… Read more about “Olaf Lewitz”

Greg Hutchings

Oct 19, 2020

Greg Hutchings is an expert in new product development and organizational improvement, including product management, Large Scale Scrum (LeSS), Lean thinking, and Innovation GamesĀ®.Read more about “Greg Hutchings”