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Alize Hofmeester

Senior Advisor, Founder of TwinXter

Author of the book: Purpose Driven People, creating business agility & sustainable growth. (Launch November 2020)

With over 20 years of experience within recruitment, management consulting, healthcare, and banking, Alize found her purpose during a massive global digital transformation towards a full business agile organization. As one of the pioneers within the Core Team of this massive transformation, Alize designed new business agile structures, created several differentiating approaches on business & people processes, and helped evangelize this new way of working and thinking around the globe.

She strongly believes that if one is able to facilitate the right environment – companies large or small – where people can experiment, learn, and improve, magical things will happen. This means that everyone, from top to bottom, in the organization needs to be willing to get involved and wants to build this newly aspired environment. One thing is for sure: only changing the structure or implementing a new model does not make your organization ‘Business Agile’.

As a seasoned senior executive, she actively advises and assists organizations to explore and reshape their future way of working and ignites a different way of thinking within organizations, so as to create a truly new mindset that unleashes business agility.

Her passion and dedication to the value of business agile-based organizations continuously drive her ambition to inspire leaders and managers, to work and live on the basis of their purpose and unlock the human potential in organizations, while at the same time keeping a key focus on customer relevancy and sustainable growth.

As part of her purpose, she actively shares and writes about her experiences, practices, and stories in the book Agile people Principles – Your call to action for the Future of Work she was Co-Author together with 36 people around the Globe. In November 2020 her own book will be launched: Purpose Driven People – Creating business agility & sustainable growth