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Business Agility, Adaptability, and Change

Business agility, adaptability, and change are made possible through inspired and willing-to-learn leadership.  Leaders must encourage by their own example and by appropriate emphasis the development of a learning organization.  To enable and secure business agility and change, an enabling, customer centric organizational design is needed. 

This is likely to include new and revised roles and responsibilities at many levels, and it will require leadership to accomplish the necessary changes in beliefs and behaviors.  The personal engagement and desire to learn at a top management level is essential in my view; with this expressed desire to learn comes vulnerability. 

In this talk Greg will share hard-gained experience and techniques on how to increase the success of your agile transformation efforts, whether you are a team member, scrum master, product owner, in management or a fellow coach.

November 25 @ 15:45
15:45 — 16:30 (45′)


Greg Hutchings

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