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Changing the Future of Work – The Neurology of Leading Change

At any given time, our organizations are surfing multiple waves of change. Technology, business, people, and regulatory changes combine to create a seemingly endless tsunami of change engulfing our work. Instead of rowing against the tide of change – what if we embrace the opportunity within change?  Organizations on the journey towards business agility are learning to adapt to change, responsively adjust course, and thrive in competitive market waters.

The question for leaders is how to catalyze and lead effective change. The odds for success can be daunting. 50 to 75% of all change initiatives fail.  Some fail to launch.  Others fail to scale.  And others fail to sustain.  What’s a leader to do? 

In this session, we will explore the brain science behind change. How are our brains wired to resist change?  How might we address change fatigue?  How can we support our teams through their change journeys?  This practical session will provide a bit of theory along with practical actions any leader can take to harness the power of change. 

November 24 @ 16:00
16:00 — 17:00 (1h)


Laura Powers

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