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People, Leadership and Adaptability: Bringing Business Agility into your Organization’s DNA

Business Agility is an organization’s ability to act, react, and adapt quickly based on external and internal new conditions and/or information. It’s a process of constant discovery and learning that has to go together with some kind of nimbleness in the organization’s structure, information flow, and decisional processes.

But true Business Agility is also inherently holistic and strictly coupled with the organizational culture. It can not be confined to a specific function (i.e. production) and it spans multiple aspects of the organization, including leadership style, HR practices, finance, and so on — all of which are interconnected in one way or another.

In this session I’d like to draw on some real-life experiences with my clients and touch on some of the most delicate traits of business agility, namely leadership and culture. I’m going to reflect on what leadership means in a highly uncertain and volatile context and how the “traditional” approaches we have to deal with people in the organization can actually work against your ability to adapt and innovate.

November 25 @ 13:45
13:45 — 14:30 (45′)


Andrea Provaglio

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